People have problems with Samurai Flamenco after Episode 7

People have problems with Samurai Flamenco after Episode 7 and first I will tell you why they shouldn’t.


“It’s friggin Power Rangers.” His original suit already spells T-o-k-u, so you cannot really complain about that. You can’t spell otaku without toku and he was involved in both fandoms.

It’s still a dark show involving, evil geniuses doing terrible things to people in graphic ways. It’s not for little kids. It’s better than Gaim or Kyoryuger. (Hopefully Tokkyuger will be better, but no guarantees.)

“It comes out of nowhere.” I disagree, which may change if they change writers, but right now I stand by this decision. Right after he reads his grandfather’s letter, it is obvious some sort of moral, emotional crisis happened to him. His ignorance of people’s emotions definitely left him confused as to how he was supposed to deal with the revelation of his parent’s death, possibly leading into such chaos for his mind to handle.


Onto why I don’t think the change didn’t work for most people:

Most people aren’t getting the snap scene. We live in the internet age, where we’re multitasking, watching multiple screens, iPhones, cooking stuff, etc.. like us millenials do. I actually skipped the scene when I first watched it and had to wait till I got in the mood to get back.

It’s not better than what they were doing before.

It isn’t. I found the character study behind Samurai Flamenco a lot more interesting than the use of tokusatsu tropes.

It’s still sort of interesting how despite everything that Samurai Flamenco is doing is wrong is still not being acknowledged by him turning him into an even more dangerous person, vigilante, person of delusions of grandeur etc..

Although, the show is going “there” a lot of the time, it has a polarizing effect of being awesome or lame to audiences.

The ending.. That’s going to be a big problem. If people do not get what is going on now, you risk alienating them, by a) having such an extravagant ending “nobody understands” or b) having an ending that the viewers who understood everything else feel cheated by by not letting it live up to their standards. That leaves you with going one of those paths or c) choosing no ending, which can really lead to people gossiping what was going on or hardest of all, d) really pulling off an ending everybody is happy with, which so far hasn’t been working out as seen past episode 7.

Then again, a lot of people did not understand the Shining when it first came out and it has come to be one of the most critically acclaimed films of all time.


One thought on “People have problems with Samurai Flamenco after Episode 7

  1. I really do not understand how people can continue, emphasis on continue, to complain about it. It happened. You either have to accept that or stop watching. These people will continue on about how horrible this change is episode after episode. What are they expecting?!

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