Game of Thrones (TellTale ’14-’15) should not be Game of the Year


So Arthouse Converter asked whether he should put Game of Throne: Episode I (Tell Tale) in his Game of 2014 Awards. I responded,

Why would that be Game of the Year?
It’s really badly put together…


It’s short. It’s rigid. It’s not a game.

It’s short with only 2.5 hours of content.

its such a rigid world i think, the setting. Like its based on a setting that George R.R. Martin created, which already is pretty much set in stone. What really could Tell Tale have contributed to make the experience that much better?

Arthouse Converter told me,

In Game of Thrones, you’re constantly put in difficult decisions and figuring out how to save people

Sure, but Game of Thrones is basically on rails the whole game with set choices

I mean there’s on rails video games too, but I feel like the episodic games are on rails when they don’t advertise to be.

It’s not really a game consisting of one Quick Time Event sequence then put completely in virtual “choose your adventure” novel mode. Most of the decisions don’t factor in for this portion of the game that you paid for.

It could be considered an interactive experience. But a game? No. It’s sorta like Phoenix Wright. Sure. But there isn’t too much agency, which i feel like you have to really look for in a game.

  • Hideo Kojima
  • Will Wright, especially the Sims
  • Dear Esther
  • Myst

Yeah. They’re interactive experiences i feel like it’s a completely different genre altogether.

Arthouse Converter can tell me all about how Game of Thrones has this excellent story, but Dark Souls II did it better.



2 thoughts on “Game of Thrones (TellTale ’14-’15) should not be Game of the Year

  1. I agree with this, Telltale games is a developer that has done nothing else than this really. And it has gotten worse since The Walking Dead Season One was released. I respect them for what they have accomplished, and what they are trying to do. But my experience with them and their games is a boring one at that.

    It doesn’t help having a little episode that is short, then having to wait for the next then next, and so on. Its funny how most of there games are highly rated amongst fans and critiques. While a game like Gone Home, has been considered by a lot of gamers not being a true game. That’s apart of another topic though. Nice post.

  2. It’s a good game and has one of the best scripts of the year.
    But then IndigoFoxes showed me Dead Souls II and that just blew me out of the water. It was almost as complicated as Braid to some extent how they wrote the story for that.

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