Game of Thrones (’14-’15) is a TellTale perfect for 2014


The beginning starts with so much tension as the main character Gared is being bullied by his fellow soldiers, since he’s only a squire. Later, at least in my incarnation, everybody’s slaughtered and the main character has to find a way to survive.

He doesn’t get the opportunity to shove in the others’ face that he one upped them, the natural reaction, and that’s intelligent writing. You give audiences expectations and then a surprise. The pacing means so much. Silence is factor. Truth and teams you create as well.

Also, it’s quite relevant to now.

We live in a capitalist, corporate world. The big people with power in our world, some actually dynasties, make decisions for us nowadays. Now some of us may rely too much on government to make decisions, liberals; some of us take opportunities for ourselves, some war driven; conservatives, and all of us try to survive in our world, despite being run by the powerful, the meek or being them. We live in a world where we have to make decisions about how to punish thieves and traitors to improve morale and support the whole, civilization and society. There are men driven by their masculinity to compete against each other, maybe even to extremes as in Game of Thrones.

Whether military, corporate, government run, we all are put in positions with:

  • people we may not like, possibly because
  • people who take advantage of us,
  • people who we want to take advantage of
  • we’re afraid they’re running the show and going to get people killed
  • maybe even ourselves

It’s something we’re fearful of, because we’re not in control.

We have to psyche out other nations, and bargain to keep the peace.


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