Jurassic Park (TellTale) is god awful


And Jurassic park is God awful right? Arthouse Converter

 Hell. Yes

Jurassic Park? -.- I swear its full house level of shit. Pretty much:

Its cheesy, which in itself isn’t bad.

And it’s boring

Walking dead at least had the weight of actual apocalypse and your choise meaning characters.Like I get a light hearted Back to the Future game. Steven Spielberg an all. The strongest point, stronger as better, is that it’s happening at the same time the first movie does. But a Jurassic Park I without any of the actors returning? 

Why even?

That’s why I buy Tell Tale games! Cuz of original characters!

-.- the best part of the game was at the begining where the racist character was high as shit because of the neurotoxins.

Not to mention generic suburban Caucasian girl who decides to do her homework in the middle of Jurassic Park. At least play some Resident Evil 4!

XD That’s what Argentine players buying Jurassic Park want to do playing a Jurassic Park Tell Tale fame for! Learning Spanish with dumb Caucasian kid!

Maybe they should do something even more risque and not include dinosaurs in the next Jurassic Park (Tell Tale) game! They’re basically there!

Also how many parts of the no reason to be cheesy Jurassic Park are cheesy?

  • Character interraction,
  • Odds of being mold by a dinosaur,
  • Shitty extra characters that do nothing but to drag the game,
  • Etc…

Compared to Arthouse Converter’s analysis of Dragon Ball Evolution, this game is a D, as in Definitely shitty.

You don’t need to know Chaos Theory to figure that out.

Worst Tell Tale game made so far!


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