Tales from Borderlands is a tale of the west mixed with suburban white collar, mixed with TellTale’s love of film


We go from post modern space western, to space white collar spy job, which is used just to get a promotion. Sure, it sounds boring, but in a world of white collars, created by white collars what do you expect? And it’s creativity and new. It’s a tale of money and the California Dream stemming from the Gold Rush, Silicon Valley dream and immigration policies.

And it’s an action comedy.

My first exposure to the themes of travelling and immigration in the West was in Heaven’s Gate, where Eastern Europeans spoke Native tongue prior to the big fight with the US Army in the end.

These themes are to produce a bunch of culture shock being exposed to the Western thugs, Cannibals, Taxidermists, Psychos, possibly Native Americans, but they’re not really Native American, they could be alien, they’re not really explained and are vague enough to get away with.

There’s a certain look to characters, but the Psychos are the main characters being advertised in the series, Sasha looks Native American,

Coincidentally enough, in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, Norman Bates stuffed birds and of course his fate is an indicator of how much Tell Tale enjoyed post modern references to other works, despite what happened post-Back to the Future with the Universal Studios deal.

And wait till I explain a big film reference used in the last two-thirds of the game!


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