TellTale Games will be working on a Marvel game

The game will be released in 2017 with no announcement as to the brand/character. So, this piece of news is pretty worthless then other than nothing that Marvel will have a highly worthwhile product that year. XD

Marvel’s executive vice president and general manager for interactive and digital distribution, Peter Phillips, and vice president of games, Jay Ong, were joined by Marvel Games creative director Bill Roseman and executive producer Mike Jones to discuss the company’s future video games planning.

According to Roseman, the company’s future Marvel games will strive for authenticity. This included the terms feeling “exquisite” and “sexy”and will be celebrated by Marvel fans.

So this is a date sim?

Why out of all the possible terms would they choose that? Is there going to be Mass Effect/Final Fantasy VII dating options? I think Hulk and Thor when I think of Marvel. Mmm… Sexy… Will there be Metal Gear Solid Solid Snake photo ops? Is there a deal with Playboy too? What happened to talking about an interesting story? Albeit, anything they said wouldn’t make a difference since they’re so early in the development cycle during this announcement.

Roseman said the games will look “eye-popping,” and feel well-built and hand-crafted.

Big boobs on touch sensitive, Oculus Rift. Got it.

“Marvel is about storytelling,” Phillips said, saying that the Marvel brand promises heroic, complex and relatable characters.

They didn’t do that during friggin any of the Thor films. Liars.


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