Re-watching the beginning of Samurai Flamenco again and getting ideas for Argentine toku

Just now re watching the first episodes of Samurai Flamenco; realize Harakiri Sunshine has Akibaranger red ´s hair. Well sorta… Also the friking Rasengan in his forehead doesn’t help

You will praise this show more than Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- PRPHD

x) You can’t go against 30+ years of history especially when the characters look manly as hel,l and the creator got future in the Louve, the French Museum.

You know it’s way too easy to make a tokusatsu in Argentina.

Well a mock up, like Samurai Flamenco where no supernatural thing really happens at all, like the idea and concept of a toku hero in Argentina, not understanding there’s not much of a supernatural force in real life and beating poor thiefs and drug dealers seems fucking scary yet intriguing.

Had a discussion with a old friend a few months ago, on why a episodic actual series with not shitty supernatural elements or toku like props would totally work. But he pointed out argentina only made comedies and novelas.

I mean I could go the Devilman/Pretty Cure/Maginzer Z creator route of just making one of each tone.

You should watch the rest of the series. XD

mainly beacuse the characters are way to likeble and altough it homages toku shit, you dont really have to deal with it

The main problem with making a toku series in Argentina its mainly that people would just qualify it as a Kickass ripoff.

Someday, I will make a Japanese anime/toku/toku anime as good and realistic as Samurai Flamenco. Sorta like that Argentine Justice League web series.

Ok, when you’re done with the semester, you can Flamenco.


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