08th MS Gundam Team reflection

I was discussing with someone the improbability of BB-8 rolling around in the sand of Jakku prior to him discussing the Neil DeGrasse Tyson issue with desert warfare in the sands. We then discussed 08th MS Gundam Team.

It was sort of a Batman Begins of Gundam. It wasn’t a reboot, but it had a very scientifically oriented tone to it with really getting into the mechanics of fights. Despite, it having the same universe as psychics, including Universal Century’s timeline, the final boss of the series, (and debatably the real/giant robot theme) it was more relatable and tactical. It was a complete contrast to Gundam Wing, which would’ve been a more interesting series to be a sequel to due to its Dragon Ball-ish action. In contrast to Gundam Wing though, original MS Gundam had psychics and a more complicated plot. While really fing awesome, it shows that different pacing can also make a different entry in a franchise a bit more. A college colleague of mine referred to 08th MS Gundam Team as as close as Gundam got to Macross level.

“10 Years After” is a great theme song. The villain has a great over the top cartoon insane performance. There’s a theme of everyone being the good guy.

I wonder if rewatching it, I wouldn’t find the romance plot to be that good. Also questionable is why it had to be part of Universal Century other than to be a Majora’s Mask sequel, (Zelda Month 2016 plug!) and just not come up with new spiritual successors to Zeon and the Federation. Luckily, it never really hurt the US reception to it. It may have even enhanced it!


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