Zelda Month 2016: A Link to the Past review

In contrast to what Ecoolarg had to say about A Link to the Past, I felt that A Link to the Past was a great intermediary between 80s OG Zelda and The Minish Cap.

A Link to the Past is a great game that was ahead of its time. Not having achievement hurt it for Pacifist run, Stealth run . I argue the stealth is way better than that of Ocarina of Time.

The draw distance vs third person omniscient squares is up to debate. Listening a little bit to Mario 64 meta, I debate it probably had some of the same mechanics that and OG Zelda had except the transition phases were disguised a bit more realisitic.

Zelda seemed to be a great companion early on in the game. The set up for the sword, and just how open ended everything is post-saving Zelda.

The Dark World is a great mechanic. It seems to be quite a staple and a factor in Ecoolarg’s favorite game.


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