Zelda Month 2016: Animated Series Episode 5

Super Mario Bros Super Show is a standard Saturday Morning kids show. Production values. Nonsensical morals and lessons of the day.


Link is annoying. And it’s not just the line. He wants to bang Princess Zelda and the perverted producers think this is a good idea to ship and reward one of the most annoying characters of all time. On top of his catchphrase, which is actually way underrated in how he says it, he has no good attributes. It isn’t like this is written by Scorsese. He has ADD and doesn’t remember to like her in the end of the episode after being introduced so in the beginning cuz another lady’s around. This ain’t Dead or Alive boob physics woman.

The King is annoying too, and encourages Link to wed his daughter. He tells him to give her flowers.

Zelda’s a good character, other than that she likes Link. And fucking flowers.

Who’s the Queen?

Guards only show up in the show like the last episode. They don’t even talk anyway.


Serial format. No arcs.


Flying unicorn. Why does it even obey Ganon anyway? I think they just drop this plot. Ninja lady. Ganon’s teleporting. It’s like they cut out the one line explaining how she can translate the woman.  Somehow Zelda figures out the ninja wants the unicorn. Ninja lady doesn’t show up in a later episode. The unicorn is equally as pointless.

Centaurs fighting in one spot.

Mario’s magic whistle makes a noise here for whatever reason.

Useless moblins.


Art design is good. The 5 Giants, stalfos with shields are entertaining to look at if not for the poor animations.

He’s not the audience like in the games. Not silent.


Overall, not the most annoying episode of the Animated Series, but far from enjoyable since it doesn’t have the cheese and straight up awfulness of the series.


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