Moxillaq will be streaming Pony Island at 6:30 PM EST on Twitch

Pony Island is a highly acclaimed video game from highly acclaimed video game reviewer, Super Bunnyhop, paving the way for a good January, not to mention 2016. Really meta how a game plays. Super Bunnyhop does recommend buying the game rather than watching his review, or even the store trailer as it spoils the experience.

Twitch buddy Moxillaq has been streaming Hearthstone for a while. Mox watching the previews has compared it to Undertale, although she debates it’s impact in such a short time. She believes that it is the hipster trend and that Undertale is way too 2015! It’s a new year people!

This is where she’ll be streaming.

I actually was the one would suggested the game. I wonder if the game will last long enough as Bunnyhop mentioned it was a short game. Oh well, $5 andHearthstone. Who can complain?


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