Arthouse Anime’s Final Fantasy speedrunner of 2015 speaks!

Ajneb174 is our Final Fantasy speedrunner of 2015. He broke great Final Fantasy VII fan, KartSeven’s record in a short amount of time by around 10 seconds. I rarely seem him lose in the tough Final Fantasy VII runs.  He’s the second best relayer, before NeroNeroNeron/XeroKynos, and his infamous FF7/8/9, 45 hour run.

This would’ve came earlier, and much longer, but I can’t get really into detail about it. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get back to it later.

So anyway, without further ado, here comes out Final Fantasy speedrunner of 2015, ajneb174!

“I dunno if I ever congratulated you on your FF7 WR. Congrats.
That and your high rate of FF7 successes have made me consider you the Final Fantasy speedrunner of 2015.

How is it that you can sit for an 8 hour run? How can you prepare or practice for it?”

Thank you for interviewing me :), thank you for the congratulations and from making me Best Speedrunner of 2015 from Arthouse Anime.
The WR was probably my biggest joy in speedrunning so far, and being Best Speedrunner of 2015 makes me really proud. Thank you so much.

I started really short games, then I turned to the game I loved, the RPGs, and I wouldn’t say I was especially prepared for long runs, I just tried it, and it worked out.
I wouldn’t say there’s an ability for that that you can develop. Some people can sit for a really long time, some others can’t, unfortunately, but knowing when are the breaks and having water and some little snacks is really useful :p
And for the constant basis, well, I have the time to do it first I’d say, and well, I’m trying to grow my lovely community on Twitch because I love what I do :p

How do you get through hard bosses?

How to get through hard bosses ? Practice, practice, practice. There is not really any RNG manipulation for those bosses unfortunately (especially Demon’s Gate & Carry Armor), Also, like everybody when I started, I died to them a lot, now it’s happening only with really bad RNG, because of practice :p

Yeah. Another great speedrunner, CreativeEly, keeps telling me that too.

Thank you for your time, congratulations on your awards, and good luck to 2016.


One thought on “Arthouse Anime’s Final Fantasy speedrunner of 2015 speaks!

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