Zelda Month 2016 Re: MatthewMatosis: Twilight Princess

This is a response to Matthew Matosis’ Twilight Princess video.

A feature was Link’s ability to transformation into a Goron, Deku, or Zora. It was basicaly to appeal like Majora’s Mask but only one transformation. So the marketing was a little backwards. Downgrade from Majora’s Mask like four swords to Triforce Heroes. Xbox One logic

It’s  ashamed he can only wolf.


Now do note, I’m no Twilight Princess expert but ideas they could’ve had were:

  • Were wolf
  • Call a pack
  • According to Matthew Matosis, not much was done.

There were better animations for attacks. I recall the Link deathblow.

And these ideas were probably utilized.

Also the wolf could’ve been a way to explain Link’s persona, as a Lone Wolf or something. He does sort of leave Midna in the end, but for the most part he’s just as goofy as Wind Waker, and equally as serious (not to mention silent) as the previous 64 incarnations.

Also, the wolf became a bit redundant with Epona. Gameplay wise doesn’t make it complex albeit in Majora’s was a linear key item for a dungeon rather, but at least it had cool classic use of dungeon item unlocks.


I do recall a AGDQ stream that made it look cool.

Really polished in contrast to what  Slow beginning.

Ice environment.


From what I’ve seen, not sure about the dialogue and script, but the visuals tell an interesting story.

The game is back to Ocarina of Time Link like art design.

Is the game as expressive though as Wind Waker though? Enemy cues.

The game’s first section takes too long and there’s nothing to do. To alleviate this problem, they should allow audiences to experiment in the beginning but make it otherwise skippable giving characters a decision to skip or not.

Also, the Kokiri and the characters were fairies were a cool intro to Ocarina. Using Z targeting was optional, etc.. The game basically mimicked Legend of Zelda original except didn’t give you threats making you wonder if the sword was there or if there was a glitch or not. Also as Matosis mentioned, it was more acceptable as Ocarina was basically an entirely knew introduction to the 3D division of Zelda. Twilight is supposedly a sequel and more of the same though, so an option to skip should’ve been considered.

I’m not saying doing this for every Zelda game is a good idea. But it was definitely better than Twilight Princess’ end result.

Midna had a really cool design. Then again so did the boat: hard to cosplay as the boat at cons tho

Twilight realm really gives the game a Fumito Ueda vibe. Really more polished and detailed than 64.

Tried to be Ocarina which was interesting but ocarina was innovative cuz of 3d


Midna’s ability to warp is interesting as well.

I’m unsure of the size of the game, since I didn’t get that far, but it does seem to be a bit of a downgrade to show less.


Post my video review:

Forgot about the direction button item equips, which I surprised didn’t cause Matosis to absolutely love the game. Accessibility is important in games, in certain circumstances, and I find menuing in Zelda, a lot better than say a Final Fantasy game. I highly praise this aspect of the game mind you.

I also enjoyed the gyro tool in the game. It’s animated well, and it added a cool sequence when you fought that boss. It would be a welcome come back in a sequel, albeit now you have three modes of transportation now. It’s sort of a variation of the Magic Beans in Ocarina of Time. A lot could be used with it. And it could be a lot of fun.


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