Re: Sequelitis feat. Egoraptor: A Link To the Past vs Ocarina of Time preview


I feel like this review may even be superior to the MatthewMatosis one. He curses and the video as of 1/30/16, almost has like 7 million views, so something has to be wrong right?

I beg to differ and this is popcorn that’s hit it big.
He makes the good point of invincibility causing waiting opposed to the classic 16 bit and prior formation of action games consisting of both.

The fact that bombs in original Ocarina were pretty much miss prior to it having a hole indicated in the review.

  • Exploration vs action instead of both,
  • The differences between the two systems, battle, etc..
  • The Z- function mechanic.
  • Gorons have a rock shortage, although there’s rocks all over.

A Link Between Worlds being a good mechanic addition after the failures of the Wii, (although he doesn’t seem to be a big fan of N64 either.) He even sets it up a bit well demonstrating


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