Zelda Month 2016 Re: Matthew Matosis Skyward Sword

My first impressions.


What I thought after Matthew Matosis’ vids.

Part 1

Part 2



The fact that the game’s controls are unreliable after you purchase an additional accessory is weird. Luckily the game comes with a soundtrack, if someone decides to ship it for you.


I’m unsure of the use of the companion having not played the game. Hopefully, she’s not as intrusive as Navi, which I’ll address in another vid as actually being underrated how annoying she is.

However, explaining the Goddess chests after already being introduced to them while being repetitive isn’t the first time it’s happened in a game. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying it’s good design. Just for my experience, it’s gotten a bit of getting used to and is dull. Although there’s no doubt that the experience would be enhanced with a helper or companion that is optional in giving tips, in addition to them only giving reminders about what the controls are for those who have forgotten.


Gyrobow?! Motion controls make no sense.

With what Matthew Matosis said, it would’ve been interesting had they have made two separate games with the sand sea and the clouds.

Inventory system would be interesting. Some stuff never having to being equipped is a good improvement over prior games.

Lighting effects like in Galaxy are quite present with the Goddess harp.


Bird is a companion? Matosis actually didn’t say much about it.

Flying is beautiful, although I can imagine people getting tired of it and pacing can be an issue.


Fighting cues should’ve been better paced.

His explanation of the Wiimote is very good.

The problem of their not having a default position for motion controls is understandable.



As for bosses:

The Imprisoned looks like a cool monster.

Koloktos seemed like a very interesting boss too. I agree that it’s a highlight, and debate that in contrast to MatthewMatosis, it’s accessibility helped.


Part 2

I’m rewatched the beginning a little bit. The comical intro I don’t recall. Setting up a romance between him and Zelda does set up stakes I suppose.

Reuse of places, seems like an annoying version of Ocarina of Time hand holding, without actually creating a different world like a Link to the Past or Ocarina of Time. (I really shouldn’t even have mentioned this as I didn’t notice till after I played the game,  but spoilers: no time for another review.) I hated rolling in Ocarina so running stamina in a game I look forward to. Recycling seemed like decent quests, although it does sound like what i dislike about Ocarina. Storyline payoffs it seems to lack. There are 7 dungeons that basically have you unlocks parts to unlock other parts of the dungeon! As comical as that sounds, you can’t reaccess certain parts as well, making it more odd.

Time shift stones are fun. 

Other minor notes include: minigames > sidequests and boss rush, one of the longest overdue games made.

Demise imprisoned by Zelda with Zelda. Faora in the Master Sword the whole time. Zelda being the goddess Hylia has nothing to the rest of the Zelda games. Could have been an interesting adaptation of dark world/Adult Link mechanics. Ganondorf not called is a bit redundant. Minish Cap intro. Ezlo. Link and his hat.  I like the idea of Alternate Reality links better than a set timeline. Demise comes back in the end.


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