Interview with FF Speedrunner of 2015 and Link to the Past speedrunner, ajneb174

Sorry. Due to some issues, I couldn’t get to ajneb too early on the Zelda questions, but he was still willing despite all his problems to answer. So without further ado, Arthouse Anime Final Fantasy speedrunner of 2015 and Link to the Past speedrunner, ajneb174.

Is Zelda popular where you’re at?

Yes, Zelda is popular where I am, like all the major games 🙂

How’d you get into speedrunning a Link to the Past?

So, I’ve been into speedrunning by watching AGDQ 3 years ago.

I got into it after watching Kart’s videos and AGDQ this year. I even watched a little bit of Garland trying (and failing) to do Excalibur II 100%,

Then I was thinking about a shortish run and a game that I really like, and it was LTTP, ended up watching some runners of this game and started doing some master sword runs then learned the real deal, Any% no s+q back then :p (known as No Major Glitches now).

Yeah. It’s very interesting, since from my experience, as I mentioned before stamina for concentrating for 8 hours is tough (for FFVII at least.)

I sorta find old school Zelda hard to play after watching 80s Zelda with all its identical square dungeons and tough and specific secrets. How you explain how you can do it? Is there a learning curve? Tips for other players.

Well, I don’t know, just because I love old games I guess.
When you will start you will most likely not know everything about the game, there’s really a lot of little details that saves you frames and that will matter when your time will get better and better, it is a really optimized run.
When you’re starting, try to not take too many safety items, powder is a must have, maybe one bottle, but not more, you’ll get too use to everything being too easy, and the run isn’t 🙂

What’s your history with Zelda?

Ah, my history with Zelda… I played the 1st one when I was really young, then I played all of them, I really love the Legend of Zelda series, and I’m sure I will continue loving it for a long time.

Yeah. Awesome. It’s been like 30 years. Is A Link to the Past your favorite?
What’s your favorite part of Zelda?
You’re currently doing a casual run of Twilight Princess on the weekends. Do you like Gamecube or Wii better? (I don’t think there’s footage of you while you play. How do you compare it with A Link to the Past?
A Link to the Past seems really awesome from what I’ve played. I wish there was ghosting/stealth achievements, in addition to pacifist run. I dunno how familiar you are with Zelda, but it makes sense that it’s in between 80s and Minish Cap. What’s your thoughts on a Link to the Past?
Do you have any rankings for Zelda games?

Yes, Link to the Past is my favourite Zelda, I really like Majora’s Mask also.
I really like the gameplay of the Zelda games, the story is obviously not usually the major part of the game, so I’m more focused on all the rest, and it’s really awesome.
I’ve never played the Gamecube version, so I can’t do any comparison. And I couldn’t really compare a 2D and 3D game to be honest, both games are really good.
Link to the Past is a really awesome game, the game being in 2 “parts” is also something really cool, u can see the world you were at the start from a different perspective. If you never played it, you should totally try it: it has everything, for a SNES game, it’s also still looking really good.
A ranking is always really hard to do, because I need to remember a lot from the games to make, but well, we’ll try 🙂


Link to the Past
Majora’s Mask
Ocarina of Time
Twilight Princess
Link’s Awakening
Dunno what game to put after, I really liked all of them.
I’ve just never played the Oracle games and Four Sword.


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