Pony Island SPOILER filled review: Candidate for Game of 2016, well… January at least

SPOILERS ALERT: Buy the game. It’s only $5. Walkthrus will only ruin this game for you.


The beginning of the game has you play a game called Pony Island, which is basically just a hurdle iPhone game.

Super Bunnyhop claims that the Steam trailer and his review spoiled the game, but both seem to be careful. Although, the premise is spoiled, for debatable reasons.



Then a Shang Tsung doppleganger appears, demanding you insert your soul into the game.

You’re then given an OS desktop to use. You’re given multiple options, and I debate that if they were to make an open world Pony Island game, that the OS would be the main layout of the game. You can play a space shooter known as Pony Galaxy, and a few other options. The only way to progress however.

However, later you get involved in a Tron-Matrix-esque scenario getting into post-Twitch era meta gaming that experts have gotten into. RNG, options, reviewing, etc.. It’s a bit of a Videodrome, new Twilight Zone horror scenario.

Meta menuing possibly inspired by Final Fantasy and other game RNGs influenced by menus.

Then there’s some levels inspired by Deus Ex: Human Revolution hacks, but actually done on a Tetris, puzzle game level of mastery, and I could picture a level maker for these levels.

These levels consist of direction pieces, looping back the top, teleporters and cloners.

It’s not quite programming, but using programming logic with a Tetris-like OS. It’s really fun.

The Pony Island phone-desktop game evolves. Unsure of how to progress in the game, you eventually must learn how to get weapons. There’s a certain visual clue that’s too obvious once mentioned, but anyway, you are given weapons such as a pony breath blast from the head, flying/floating.

In addition the enemies in the game make it more complicated. First off is of course the hurdles. Then the enemies surrounding you. then the (mini) boss which require multiple hits and take blasts. Then of course, is MULTIPLE bosses. I don’t recall, but eventually there’s the final boss.

Multiple times you leave the game, as if you were in an arcade, where the game went 3D. This is another place where the game can get more meta, a la Shenmue.

One time, the layout of the game changes making it seem like a friendly game, only to have you go back to the womb that the devil spawned.

The game even gets angry at you for doing stuff that your tutorial didn’t each you.

And the messenger is the craziest thing in the game.

Not sure if there’s a New Game+ mode to unlock certain things in old levels.



Not enough Pony Galaxy

I couldn’t mod Pony OS from within the game. What kind of useless OS is this?

Not real hacking.

Not real programming.

No Pony Island Maker.

Not enough customizable skins for the Pony.

It’s a 3 hour game.

The twist wasn’t that the pony was the bad guy in the end. XD Although s/he did kill Jesus.


Play the game on Twitch.


It’s my game of January 2016. Great way to start off the year.


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