Should Square-Enix have made a deal for a big Final Fantasy title to be on the Vita with exclusives and console bundles? Part 1

Although i know the Vita’s not powerful enough, if they had made a FFVII remake equivalent, it could really draw attention to it- Arthouse Auteur

They could had made a Final Fantasy V remake

You asshole!

Ok. Ok! I’ll one up you!

How about they make a FFVI remake then!?

Really ps vita is able, to make a propper ff5 remake and its a game without expectation

Heroes of Light sequel?

Oh wait, it would be that nevermind.

I don’t get why they don’t just make PS3 ports on this console. It basically has the same tech right?

Well I for one anyway am sick of FF ports

And remakes.

And sequels

And prequels

And interquels.

In fact, fuck Final Fantasy. XD

I think they should put the franchise to rest after this new one and new remake.


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