Second take on Catwoman vs Dent in Arkham City

I have to make an apology. I’m thinking maybe the Demo version was too flirty, but rewatching the Arkham City version, I now think it’s a double play on words, a meeting of the minds.

Catwoman’s intent in the actual game was to insult Dent when she asked him whether he had work done. Being a Bad Kitty, she meant by her stealing. And by untying her, she meant she’d kill him too.

The gameplay had a good overhaul. Combat is made more complicated and quicker, albeit what you mainly need to know is punch and counter.


Not sure about putting space as both run and climb and so many other options though. One of the great things about the demos, was that there were so many options on the keyboard.

One problem I had was in the steel mill, where I couldn’t figure out how to get the electric discharge gun tow ork.

Also, I countered some one from the other side of the steel mill in one move.


They don’t have the vent in a dead end problem that Asylum had, but there isn’t a lot to do early on. I like Spider-Man 2, better, but the save everybody system sorta isn’t as gun as GTA 3 either.


Twitch user Parrysx3 mentioned that there’s a vent to get to the goons wielding the door shut and that the electronic door should be working. I could be screwing up which button is being used for discharging though.


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