Reasons why Mighty No 9 will suck (full version)

  1. Mega Man 10 disappointed (in sales)
  2. The Mega Man Legends spiritual successor kickstarter failed despite its cult following
  3. Inafune sucks
  4. Inafune only likes Mega Man 1, 2, 9 and anything with Zero in it
  5. Mega Man always disappoints. FPS? Mega Man Universe? Mega Man Legend Collection? The legacy is about getting as bad and blue as Sonic.
  6. Also, it’s not original. It’s just the same old shit
  7. Mega Man never is. Keiji Inafune never does anything original.
  8. Yaiba Ninja Gaiden sucked and that was after he left Capcom
  9. People aren’t really Mega Man fans, full Mega Man fans at least. They just have nostalgia towards NES Mega Man, and dont know that Inafune is actually shit.
  10. Everyone hated Mega Man X7.
  11. Everyone hated Mega Man Command Mission.
  12. Mega Man is the Call of Duty of platformers: there’s fucking like a million of these games. 6 in the NES era. 3 in SNES. 3 in 32-bit. Nothing ever changes in these damn games and they sell like cocaine. People hate Mario Soccer? Well Mega Man did it before he did!
  13. The cartoon sucked
  14. No one buys the comics
  15. The comics aren’t worth anything
  16. Mega Man 6 ended the NES Mega Mans on a RoboCop 3-ish note filled with Japanese people, Japanese robots, human looking robots and a Jet Pack Mega Man.
  17. He’s in Smash Bros Wii U/3DS, completing his sell out phase.

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