Rydia proves Spoony right about FF7 and 8 sucking: dealing with destruction

So why don’t fans tell Terra to cut herself when she’s having an existential crisis in Final Fantasy VI, compared to Cloud and Squall? 16-bit fetish? Arthouse Auteur

Y’know it’s interesting. Being a big Final Fantasy VI fan, well- I’m just going to ignore Final Fantasy VI.

For now.

But for now, let’s look at another classic Super Nintendo Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy IV.

In Final Fantasy IV, Rydia is a young orphaned child after her later allies, Cecil and Kain end up sending a bomb to her town destroying the place. This is the beginning of the game, setting up the tone for suspense.

Now they could’ve easily set it up PSX style with her contemplating her existence as the final summoner, but instead they do something a bit more creative and cinematic, despite it being a 16-bit game.

But Rydia has this big line for Edward yelling at him to stop crying about the loss of his kingdom and girlfriend right in front of her corpse.

I mean, I guess if that had happened in Final Fantasy VII or VIII that would’ve ruined the visual information conveyed to the audience.

Yeah detailed polygons. That amount of poor writing really hurt Spider-Man: The Movie: The Video Game in my opinion.



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