How complicated Pokemon stat building is: my explanation

Pokenoob question: I had 39 HP at Lvl 14, he had 42 – Arthouse Auteur

Okey this where it gets complicated
IV and EV? Individual values and Effort values.
Individual values are random which each pokemon and can be ¨engineered¨by birthing selective Pokemons so they get max stats and the correct abilities.
Outside of that, EV are a hidden metric with in the leveling up system
Every pokemon give you a effort value when you kill.
I think normal pokemons are HP generaly and such
Bulbapedia got the chart
Every 3 or 4 kills of a effort value it will add 1 point to the start you got from killing the same pokemon over and over when you level.

That sounds mad tricky for speedruns

It’s luck
Competitive Pokemon battles are a total drag to do honestly
Like you literaly need to hatch a average of 36 eggs to get the stats and abilitiy you want from the Pokemon you want to have
That plus the ev training which to be honest I think Gen 6 replaces that pain the ass with ¨supertraining¨ but you still need to hatch a heck thon of eggs to get the pefect genetic subject for each member

I mean I know in Red, you just reset if the stats don’t match
I guess I should just reset?

That’s the Pokemon mystery bigger than that of the GS Ball.


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