Should Square-Enix have made a deal for a big Final Fantasy title to be on the Vita with exclusives and console bundle, part 2?

We need a proper Final Fantasy V sequel for the Vita. That would cause Vita sales to go up.

You mean the Heroes of Light sequel- Arthouse Auteur

There goes that idea!

No. Like that’s a good brand. Market towards that

And I don’t get why the Vita is so hard to program for. Isn’t it basically the PS3? Just port the damn games

I for once, I’m sick of Final Fantasy ports. (Here we go again!)

Not even a FFIX port? I’d be big on that considering the PSX is useless on HDTVs.

x) I mean I know I should be exist. B

But I want to play new games. I should focus more in my studies and personal life (which coincidentally my studies are movies tv shows and animation so its kinda nice that way XD)
But anyway, when I have time to game I actually want something new.


The video game era was made post-Star Wars and 1980s corporation.

Hell this last year is the first one since 2008 I didnt did my annual mother 3 run. I can justify that saying Undertale brainwashed me and know it will be hard to enjoy Mother 3 as much, but still 80% of my gaming memories last year are ¨new games¨

Then again FFVII on the iPhone sorta ruining it.

Hardcore gaming +portable consoles arent something I heard too much

Unless they make like a FFX/XII spiritual sequel.
Nintendo’s been pretty big.
Then again I’m thinking the PSP’s reputation really hurt the Vita’s and no one wanted to develop games.
Like even Peace Walker couldnt’ sell the PSP

But like you know the PS2 gen

That kind of tech

Like Heroes of Light and Bravely Default is like Gen 1 or 2 tech.

Thats the problem! With current Square-Enix resources and technology, FF7 remake will be the only current gen game in years, and pretty much what 13 was was that.




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