January 2016 anime recommendation: Kido Senshi Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans

It’s not my favorite Gundam series. The energy seems to be laxed.

I didn’t dislike the prior Gundam series that was like Yu-gi-oh or Pokemon appealing to a post-2000s consumerist crowd. In fact, I applaud it for being different even if it wasn’t critically acclaimed.

We’re back to war stories again for fans. Planets fighting each other. Gravity. It’s not as scientific, innovative or stressful, but it’s back to basics. I enjoyed it. It still has the themes of antiwar, and beautfiul drawings. I do miss handpaintedness of the old Gundam series.

I think I may even have missed like a Gundam unicorn or prior entry into the series that may have been really good.

I’m not really digging the art design, but it’s not a bad series. It’s good, although it hasn’t blown me away yet.


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