Happy Anniversary, SEGA and Sonic: Jet Set Radio retrospect

Jet Set Radio is an awesome game. It was one of my first games I got for the Dreamcast when the ‘cast was getting liquidated to $50 after SEGA went out of business. While not one of the best games of all time, like Shenmue, it is an innovative, difficult classic game that shouldn’t be forgotten. There might be lowered expectations, because it’s not exactly like Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2, but it’s visual style, catchy sound track and use of graffiti is awesome. In fact, Jet Set Radio has one of the most memorable soundtracks of all time, full of J-pop skat-ish songs, singing nonsense but with great rhythm and technological instruments. Upgrading so it had different things than skates and more Tony Hawk-ish moves are a high recommendation.

The game basically had roleplaying opportunities, allowing fans to choose characters that were unlocking for different graffiti, skate grinding and hit point stats, allowing for different methods of play. (So many spin off opportunities.)

On top of different characters, are different clans you can choose, consisting of enemies you unlock against an oppressive quite controversial for its time, anti-graffiti police, a mafia-ish controlled Golden Rhino team that the clans must team up against to save control of the city after all the gangs combat each other with graffiti marks.

Future entry ideas for the game that wasn’t started, but may need a Shenmue-ish Kickstarter:

  • Maybe there can be larger stages or selections of stages in a future entry.
  • A GTA open world scenario? Spider-Man 2 may be more appropriate.

One regret I have is never beating the game after the game’s save slot, and small memory cards wouldn’t allow me to go back to earlier stages to warm up after playing the latter ones, something I’m hoping this new FREE release on Steam will fix.

Memories, Jet Set Radio. Memories.



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