iPhone 7 can beat Wii U, Xbox One and PS4 preview

Recently it was announced from TechnoBuffalo, that later iPhones may be more powerful than current home consoles. This was after the same day announcement on how Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII was announced for the iPhone from Destructoid. Now, not being an electronics expert, I don’t know the true capabilities nor can perceive the future. However, I do feel a bit foolish after having this discussion with Bandit Haze, and maybe Nintendo and Co were right to release a new console, foreseeing this event.

Power has finally become something that the consoles can no longer use to sell consoles, although this wasn’t as much of a problem with Nintendo in the first place. They will have to compete with Apple now to beat them in the video game market creatively, even in terms of business. Branding, business deals will become even more prevalent.

However, Apple may also lose business if they go the wrong direction the first couple of years or even generations with poor marketing, press relations and business decisions for their fanbase. Going into a business console market may even hurt them, although the indie games have done well on iOs so far. There are certain markets and economic consumer and technological boundaries they will have to go through in their SWOT analyses to defeat the current gen and maybe not just hurt their own brand prior to selling off a bad blemished brand of the Apple Empire.

More to come later.


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