The business model for video games after finding out iPhone technology can beat Nintendo and Sony, etc..


Recently it was announced from TechnoBuffalo, that later iPhones may be more powerful than current home consoles. This was after the same day announcement from Destructoid on how Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII for the iPhone in Japan. Now, not being an electronics expert, I don’t know the true capabilities nor can perceive the future. However, I do feel a bit foolish after having this discussion with Bandit Haze, and maybe Nintendo and Co were right to release a new console, foreseeing this event.

Nintendo, video game business masterminds, predicted this? Possible. Strong IQ of Japanese Nintendo execs and a lot of people just noting the capabilities of the iPhone in business meetings, research and access to studies probably foresaw this. Nachozombie also showed me this chart.

Growing up the Nintendo, we may seeing the biggest transition big since the Atari went bankrupt. The Nintendo era may be over.

So what’s the next step for Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft? Not to mention, even Apple may also lose business if they go the wrong direction the first couple of years, or even generations due to poor marketing, press relations and business decisions for their fanbase. Going into a business console market may even hurt them, although the indie games have done well on iOs so far. There are certain markets and economic consumer and technological boundaries they will have to go through in their SWOT analyses to defeat the current gen and maybe not just hurt their own brand prior to selling off a bad blemished brand of the Apple Empire.

Overall, I see a lot of big changes. The iPhone sells for a lot of money, console-ish money, and that pretty much funds Apple to do whatever they want leading to the dominance of not only Apple computers, and iPhones, but video games and maybe even other markets possibly.

Although this wasn’t as much of a problem with Nintendo in the first place, power has finally become something that the consoles. They will have to compete with Apple now to beat them in the video game market creatively, even in terms of business. Branding, business deals will become even more prevalent.

Nintendo had one of its biggest gaming revolutions with the Wii, and will need some sort of innovative or user friendly console to keep it unique. Power has never been a main feature for consoles, but rather efficient use of a technological resource as the most expensive consoles, outside of Neo Geo and Arcade cabinets tend to not necessarily fail, but just aren’t that successful.

Branding will be big for video game companies, especially Nintendo. Although software sales haven’t been big, maybe they can make money other ways. Nintendo Store events, merchandising, theme parks, merchandising, media tie ins, did I mention merchandising.

In terms of innovation and branding, new IPs will be big for Nintendo. Splatoon was big because of its innovation winning multiple awards, and synergizing with the Nintendo mother brand. Marketing 101 says always be quality, always be innovative and always be relevant.

Figure out to finally do business deals, Nintendo. Sony and Microsoft too. Apple will destroy in terms of like indie. Maybe even Steam will have to worry.


Chop off the snake’s head: don’t make it easy for Apple to go in. If they have a bad entry into the video game market, maybe MAYBE they can be deterred. The current gen failures of Apple that go to mind are the Apple Watch and the Apple TV, which I’ll get to later. Apple has been downtrending recently, although this may be a revolution for the Apple brand. Maybe Apple will be too hurt to go into the market.


  • Maybe team with Microsoft and Sony to stop Apple from dominating. Carefully.
  • Playstation All Star Smash
  • Smash featuring Little Big Planet
  • Killer Instinct
  • Donkey Kong 65
  • Super Mario RPG 2
  • and more


Maybe a company such as Nintendo, will have to deal with Apple. Maybe even sacrifice. The Wii U went up, but hasn’t dominated like the NES, SNES or Wii.

  • Have Apple product compatibility
  • Set up a partnership in America
  • Other options

iPhones and iPads working on your Wii NX. Maybe cross teams to provide a product that completely destroys the competition. Stream iPhone games from a NX console to solve Apple’s storage problem. Maybe the Apple TV can do amiibos or 3DSes, etc.. iPhones and iPads can do special things with their gyroscope technology. Maybe app store and other features will be maximized for the NX console. Maybe Apple will help design the next (or next next) Nintendo console. Maybe the Apple will sell cheap Nintendo games for iOs, iPhone.

Then again, maybe the Apple TV will be the next big console for Apple after the lack of interest in the Apple Pippin and that will destroy the competition. Maybe the Apple TV will play SD for backwards consoles.

Maybe Nintendo will even get sold to Apple, just so Nintendo can survive.

Maybe, Nintendo can tie in with another big company. They’ve been fairly independent their whole lives, but maybe their family branding can cross with Disney. (My next Mario game idea is after all, a superhero game, based on current trends as Mario did in the 80s with Indiana Jones, RPGs and 3D in the 90s, and God of War in the 00s.)

Although, Apple’s app store’s been big, I feel that generally fans have underestimated a scary time that such a big change can happen to this generation, especially after the news of Splatoon, Super Mario Maker and even Japanese Wii U sales. Technology’s becoming more complex to program for, develop groups to finish projects with. So much planning is involved now, and trends and equipment changed so quickly. It’s becoming complex now. Maybe only software changed will change to extend console life cycles.

However, in my opinion, there is a little bit of excitement. It seems like we’re finally back to the SEGA-Nintendo console war again, albeit Apple seems like they’re basically completely destroying the competition. Competition can be really good for fans.



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