Retro City Games 3/17/16 probably the best indie game store in Vegas, even if my review doesn’t matter

I’m traveling to Vegas, and I always have to hassle my family to drive to lesser known non-GameStop stores. But I finally made it here. This is probably the best video game store in Vegas/Henderson.

They have:

some retro, (something pre-NES that I didn’t want to screw up, NES, SNES, Genesis, Game Gear, 32X, PS1, including a racing wheel I’ve never seen before,Dreamcast, Gamecube, PS2, Xbox, A LOT OF XBOX. I probably should’ve asked if this was a Nevada thing, but didn’t want to be rude.)

some homebrew, including Cannon Fodder and one of the Chrono Trigger roms,

some Japanese sealed, (Dreamcast in the back I couldn’t see and I didn’t own a JPN Dreamcast to verify,)

some boxed, (again homebrew, the classic indie game store boxed GoldenEye 007, sorta can’t recall what else off the top of my head).

They have a ridiculous amount of consoles that you can probably see when you enter. There was a tower of them. They have like 10 arcade machines, including Jurassic Park, to give it a bit of a party feel, since they do a lot of events. They also have the Dreamcast display.

I regret after finding out that SNES to NES, NES to SNES, Genesis to SNES, etc.. adapters exist. But couldn’t get one.

I couldn’t really find anything I was looking for, since I already owned a bunch of Game Gear. I was thinking it was because they just had that 10% off sale, not to mention there was a tower of games on their display desk.

But low and behold they announce on their Facebook, they’re moving to a bigger location.) So, congrats on the move. My vacation is always timed at the worst possible time whenever it comes to this store, but maybe I’ll find something I want next time.


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