Injustice: Gods Among Us observations during ParrySX3’s Batgirl run

This was interesting. I always thought that MK was overhype for its use of controversy. The original game was very kid friendly and camp. This game actually gives you the option as playing as the hero.

ParrySX3 would aided me in getting through Arkham City fared well although not top tier. Batgirl seemed very technical, dependent on counters, whereas other characters like Martian Manhunter and Superman seem to be too quick and strong.

The game seemed to modernize and counter Capcom with attempts at combo systems.

There’s no air cancelling, which is really bad for combo balances.

The classic Mortal Kombat trip animation is there, though there are no Mortal Kombat characters in the game.

I believe Deathstroke has an ability that makes him shoot really fast a la Cable in Marvel vs Capcom 2. Interesting is that you pretty much have to give up an upper block allowing Deathstroke users to predict the next attack.

Omgosh at Luthor strength and Lightning Bolt attack.

lol at the Batman anti-Bane Final Smash.



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