I am more clueless about Sega Game Gear than I thought

I grew up playing Sega Game Gear’s at Howard Johnson. I wasn’t really familiar with the brand thanks to different game ports, possibly due to Nintendo standards, so I couldn’t really name games, although the feature of it being in color was good enough a sell for me. Portable graphics weren’t that good and I really don’t know which was ahead of its time.

However, interestingly enough, Shining Force: Sword of Hajya was bigger than originally thought.

I also thought my Game Gear had a bad capacitor thing, a common problem with Game Gears.

When it was really just that my Power Back didn’t keep its charge outside of the socket.

Also, I had no clue that there were different versions of the Game Gear. My highly most sought out one would be the Magic Knight Reyearth one.

So I finally buy 6 Game Gear games for my p0rtable, and I panic after the store closes, cuz I think they didn’t check the quality of the games.

I go back home wondering.

  1. I didn’t adjust the brightness
  2. Apparently Game Gear games can have “problems working” like the NES did, in that you had to try a couple of times inserting them into the portable before they would start up. (I actually never had that problem before. Despite stepping on like ALL of my glass cases growing up, apparently I’ve kept my Game Gear games in good enough condition that they work on the first try! Good job, me!

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