A major thing that would’ve helped the Wii U win this gen

I love the Wii U. It’s my main home console this gen.

The first party support is awesome:

Mario Kart



Super Mario Maker

Even Star Fox and Zelda games that probably won’t ever come out.

Did I mention Mario?


However, that’s mainly home consoles. Overall, I’d rather have a 3DS, and if you include last gen, the Xbox 360. And I’ll tell you why right now:

It has third party support. My initial reaction to the disparity of the Wii U and 3DS, is did they forget not to release all their games on one console, the 3DS and not the Wii U?

Imagine if the Wii U had great releases of first party and third party titles when it got release, like with Splatoon and Super Mario Maker.

Arthouse Auteur debate it did with Wonderful 101 and Tank Tank Tank.


Imagine if for last year, there was Arkham Knight and Metal Gear Solid V on the Wii U in addition to the PS4 and X Box One. Why would you need the other two if you could play on the Wii U and play around with map functions?


In a Bruce Willis-ish manor, the Vita was dead the whole time.


3 thoughts on “A major thing that would’ve helped the Wii U win this gen

  1. Agreed! I have really been enjoying the new Twilight Princess reissue, and I can’t get enough of Fire Emblem!

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