Things that outsold Street Fighter V: the N-Gage

This is a segment where we discuss disasters that outperformed Street Fighter V. This episode we go with the N-Gage. There were multiple factors that led to this demise.

  • X-Play’s reviews.
  • Demos.
  • The fact that this thing existed and wasn’t hidden from the public.

Seriously, if they had just kept the N-Gage out of public and demo-less, no one would’ve known how terrible it was. But instead they kept advertising it, so everyone knew how terrible it was.

The screen it displayed was terrible. It was essentially a video game, without the VIDEO. You were better off purposely destroying the screen than trying to play it with it. (To overstate the point, that doesn’t make it a video game anymore.)

Then again, I dunno. I didn’t like the Game Boy and that was a success. The rise of the iPhone was eminent.

Then again, the N-Gage sold like shit. So I was right anyway.

And it’s not like retro stores hold N-Gages.

It’s not like you go to a retro store and the owner goes, “Oh, Larry! You’re waiting for that N-Gage! Sorry, buddy! It sold out! You missed it the 10th time!” The thing’s just pretty much nonexistent.

This is one of the biggest flops GameStop has ever tried selling. Even more than like, Duke Nukem Forever and Alien: Colonial Marines.


One thought on “Things that outsold Street Fighter V: the N-Gage

  1. Well, Ouch for both Nokia and Gearbox…. but I think your comparative approach is really cool! I am digging Street Fighter V, but I confess that I’m just a shoto scrub. I just play Ryu (mostly badly) and feel good when I manage to win at least 30% of the time.

    And yeah, I had to review the N-Gage for GameNOW magazine, and I simply could not believe that you actually had to take the machine apart to put new cartridges in.

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