Brooklyn Video Games review

Brooklyn Video Games is a highly desired store in the New York City area. He has a collection that I was quite satisfied with looking at after a 2 hour ride, (and I even forgot the Game Gear section.)

He had some Japanese Saturn fighters, a Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out in good condition (complete, I believe,) Sunset Riders, Sega Nomad, Demon’s Crest SNES, a Legend of Zelda DSI, some Final Fantasies on PSX, Phantasy Star II with box, Zelda Gamecube Promo Disc, Power Stone 2, Samurai Showdown NEO GEO Pocket and a Sega Nomad.

The owner is a nice guy, who lets you demo a little.

Do be warned though, his current shop is a little hard to see, next to a cigar store/deli and inside a photography shop. He may have solutions to that for later. He gave me a look at 100 games from each of his systems at a time without being clumsy or scratching anything, so he’s a good salesman. He demoed me his Retron 3 to make sure it was ok.

Also, he said, he’d let me reserve from his Facebook since I am like two hours away.


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