The countdown to 2017: the end of the Wii U

So it’s officially been announced by Nikkei that Nintendo will stop producing the Wii U at the end of 2016. After so many leaks, this isn’t so surprising, but why?


They were finally getting some ground with Super Mario Maker and Splatoon.


Although behind in this generations’ race, is less about competition and more about a race for survival. Next gen it may even be more so with the strength of Apple’s research and development.

If you can even call it that, as it’s mainly just amount of survival for the companies.

Nintendo’s strategy was mainly first party branding after failure to gain much third party ground since Sony won that war. A suggestion from me for this and next gen was to concentrate mainly on the first party brands and have a strong launch of the next console. System sellers are always something big I have in mind.

An NX release with a new Metroid, Zelda, Mario, Star Fox, etc.. game could be the kick Nintendo needs, unlike the horrific Wii U launch which was just seemingly random games ported from last gen.

Here’s me and Bandit Haze’s podcast on the Wii U during Zelda Month 2016.


You do have to admire though. Nintendo has always attempted to innovate with its controllers. Although the Genesis a better setup for fighting games, using those controls when left handed is probably a pain. The N64 like the Wii was good for shooting games, although you can’t really compare it with that of a mouse and keyboard. The Gamecube, not really, but at least it concentrated on the simplicity of using an A button. The Wii of course for motion controls. The Wii U for a tablet-ish controller, which neither Nintendo fan nor third party seemed to develop a full grasp for. As much as I dislike Jim Sterling, (and boy was he wrong about the Wii U,) one must admit that there’s a lot of potential with the Wii U which was wasted. League, Civ, a lot of mouse and iPhone-ish games definitely would’ve been good ports for the console that just wasn’t fully realized. Arthouse Anime writer, Ecoolarg admits that Nintendo failed horribly at this generation not winning if they had single handledly won both first and third party races.

We shall see what the big game company comes up for innovation or business the next gen.



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