Happy 20th Anniversary Resident Evil!

Ok, so I’m late a day.

I don’t know if I consider Resident Evil high art, or maybe not anymore, but I dunno I enjoy its challenges.

The beginning games has a low ammo, Mad Max, scary movie, horror game approach, where monsters would always appear out of nowhere scarying fans. Resident Evil 4 sorta got rid of this at times, when you knew there would be a cutscene. Onto that later. The mansion starts with two protagonists and an epic plot twist.

The first game like the film, starts in a mansion, where instead of a ghost story, you learn the horrors of a corporation.

The second game, is basically like the Arkham City sequel, going to a city of zombie infesting everyone.

Resident Evil 4 got rid of the awkward poorly adapted but admirable scare cuts for a zombie horror game into an action game, winning Game of the Year awards and was considered a system seller for the Gamecube. Y’know despite the PS2 and Wii ports. It really played off the zombie conventions making their being penalties for head shots, in a much improved over the shoulder shooting engine. 3 had a little bit of the more action packed pace as well.

I didn’t play the last two games, although Resident Evil 5 was cool for allowing multiplayer fighting.


Pretty memorable franchise. What was your favorite?


3 thoughts on “Happy 20th Anniversary Resident Evil!

  1. Resi 4 on Gamecube for me. Loved the franchise from the beginning. Remakes of One and Zero on ‘cube are still amazingly gorgeous. G x

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