The most non-gamerish reason why I never got the Sega Saturn

Someone told me that they had 3 reasons why they didn’t want to buy the Saturn:

  1. F***ing stupid launch idea/price
  2. Final Fantasy 7
  3. Sega of America saying 1 year after the release, “The Saturn isn’t our future”
  4. Oh and, no Segata Sanshiro
  5. Saturn didn’t have a Sonic game.

For me here, were my 3 reason:

  1. Price
  2. Price
  3. Price

I was sorta a cheap asshole and not really a gamer. I regret not buying the SNES and PSX and that peak.

Maybe I’ll change it so that it’s

  1. Price
  2. No FF7
  3. I owned a 64

Like seriously? What was my mindset?

I owned a 64. As good as the games were for that, I was more of an RPG person, and I fucking owned an N64. What’s up with that? And I never owned an official SNES and bought the PSX after it went for $50. Way to support! I know!

The Saturn was just a great experience when I bought ganes for my cousin.

Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game. Great graphics.

Batman Forever: The Arcade Game, one of the best Batman games of all time.

The 3D wasn’t there yet.

Sure, Playstation had a lot of good RPGs, probably the best quality outside of the SNES and N64 had good first party/Rare games. But still.

The Saturn was innovative:


Clockwork Knight

Panzer Dragoon

The underrated port of Sonic 3D Blast

Virtua Fighter

Forget, Tekken! It was the best fighting console:

X-Men vs Street Fighter

Street Fighter Alpha 3


It had friggin 8 processors, which is still a rare feat 20 years later.

Dat control stick.

It was a good time for fans of old school gaming.


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