Wtf?! SEGA bought Atlus?!

Atlus is a company I consider THE video game company. I’m a big RPG fan, and they just keep producing and it’s always great quality and content. Hence, the name of my RPG site, Cloud Atlus.

And then I hear they get bought by SEGA of all companies.

SEGA still exists?

SEGA still has money?

SEGA is still in the video game business?

What are they going to pay Atlus with? Nonexistant Shenmue 3s and Dreamcast 2s? Sonic Boom ratings? (Television and video game critical)


I’m hoping for more Atlus merch and even a tv/movie deal for them.

Shining Force X Phantasy Star X Atlus.

Atlus doing a new Shining Force or Phantasy Star game, old school.

Podcast to come.


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