People complaining about the censorship of Overwatch butts is about as boring as 90s pop songs

Whether the banning of things that aren’t even actually sexual is debatable, but listening to a bunch of horny teenagers who want to ghost eye masturbate to photos is about as equally as dumb.

Did people die over the censorship of these things? Did people die? Did people lose jobs over this?

The only ones really hurt by this is company’s for not understanding how capitalism and consumerism work, whereas the people actually complaining about this are actually learning a lesson from Tyler Durden himself and materialism. “You are not the things you own.” You are not also the things you watch or hear about. This is very minor compared to harrassment that happen most places, and isn’t even really art. It’s entertainment and fan service.

What do they really gain out of this butt thing? Is this game even good?


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