AVGN 10th Anniversary Review: Mega Man review review

This was a mixed bag, although in my personal taste I found more negative than positive. This was more review and skits and difficulty playing games, which is a shame, since it’s Mega Man after all. He does address disappearing platforms though.

My main concern is the criticism of Mega Man Legends and Mega Man Soccer. Though Legends has its detractors, I didn’t find the review complete without addressing its loyal fanbase too. They have a voice as does Angry Video Game Nerd. I do worry that the review was rushed to make the deadline. Many Legends fans probably felt betrayed that AVGN would choose that game to be in the episode. He never addressed it being a good game or having fans, although he didn’t say it was a bad game either. No one addressed it as a betrayal though and his point was valid.  I could complain about X7 too, but everyone hated that game.

Some fans have addressed the lack of handheld Mega Man game criticisms. Mike Matei even played Game Boy Mega Man before much to his chagrin.

I’ve also never heard of someone call Mega Man Soccer a bad game- just weird.

The fans loved the review. There was definitely a lot of production value with the destruction of bookshelves, ceilings and tons of video game cases. Not to mention probably the best use of cloning CGI in any youtube video. Must be praised.

He also gave praise to Mega Man 2 as the finest achievement in the series, although there is no doubt fans of 3 too. His history of the main entries was fairly good.

Mega Man X4, one of my favorites, was criticized for having too many cutscenes, albeit he does admit the need for something different in the franchise. His strength also isn’t analyzing stories which X4 was probably the crowning achievement for, and the fanbase was always divided on Mega Man X SNES vs Playstation. Egoraptor’s criticisms about things being the same in a Mega Man game were a lot better, and he analyzed the game design strengths of that game.

Again, I don’t think it was a good review, but it was really entertaining!


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