Gendo Ikari: admiring the villain

Despite the majority of the series and franchise being done from Shinji’s point of view, the actual plot revolves around his father, Gendo.

He is the leader of NERV; he recruits everyone; he’s Shinji’s dad, his romantic life ruins everyone’s life, and of course, something about the end of the world, among other things.

However, that’s not to say he is not admirable. He is a do-er. Granted, this is at the cost of everyone’s feelings, not to mention lives, but he is a capable leader, who can create a lot of change in the world; he has no attachment to family, despite having some sort of attachment to at least United States western conservatism and religion, and in some ways by the end of mankind try to see an evolution for it.

What are your thoughts on Gendo Ikari?


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