The Technomancer: why my political/philsophical bias probably won’t allow me to enjoy this game

It really doesn’t sound as gimmicky or camp magical as it could’ve been.

The following is described in the trailer, making me think military propaganda:


Water on Mars causes conflict basically like it being gasoline in Mad Max or soil in Waterworld.

Turmoil unending causes wars fighting for clean water.

Peril is not concept, but reality. Great fucking dialogue.


Organization, structure, politic are involved, and I expect this game to be a product of it rather than a criticism. Rulers have inaccessible abundance.

It could’ve been seen as a criticism of that stuff except for the final line, “Spearhead of the army, brothers and sisters” alluding to brotherhood or religion seen in the military.


Being a technomancer isn’t really explored in the trailer.



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