Star Fox Zero rumor mill

There are reports of Star Fox Zero having poor controls thanks to the really expensive Wii U gamepad.

There is also no Wiimote support. A shame, since Super Mario Galaxy is basically a sequel to Star Fox 64 I was hoping for, just add Mario DLC, or vice versa.

A fan of mine listed concern over a Polygon writer not finishing a game prior to doing his review.


  1. despite its great founding, I have not been a fan of Polygon. Can’t really blame ’em though as it is pretty much impossible to find 1) quality writers and 2) fund them.
  2. I understand since the game had bad controls, and he had an issue with that.
  3. However, the writer then states he didn’t finish playing the game, despite it being too easy. If the game is easy, beat it, or don’t tell us that you didn’t beat it. It’s a reboot anyway, so I don’t imagine much story changing. The game was obviously playable, so no reason not to finish the game.

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