Recap: Review Fix presents Retro Wrestling Mayhem Finals at Brooklyn Video Games feat. 5 Star Wrestling Re: Genesis review

Yesterday, held a retro wrestling video game tournament at Brooklyn Video Games. There were conveniently 8 entries.  The games used were:

  • WCW/nWo Revenge for the first round,
  • WWE No Mercy, the semi-finals and,
  • 5 Star Pro Wrestling Re:Genesis in the finals. Let’s explain that a bit later, since many are probably not familiar with that game.

There was a prize for the PSN code for 5 Star Pro Wrestling: ReGenesis and a Steam code for Pro Wrestling X.

The first round was WCW/nWo Revenge. Having not grown up with that game, I was surprised it used the Aki/No Mercy engine. The matchups for the first round were: Sting vs Goldberg, Chris Benoit vs Juventud Guerrera, Rey Mysterio vs Chris Jericho, a good showing of cruiserweights! Finalist and former Review Fix contributor, Eric Faynberg plowed his opponents through submission as Sting. He kicked out of two Jackhammers, hit two Scorpion Death Drops and won with a Camel Clutch in WCW/nWo Revenge. Finalist Eric Faynberg faced off vs Rocco Sansone in the Sting vs Goldberg matchup, respectivelyThe Editor-in-Chief of Review Fix, Patrick Hickey played as DDP vs Hogan.


The semi-finals had Eddie Guerrero vs Chris Jericho in addition to Match of the Night candidate between a Stone Cold Steve Austin, controlled by Review Fix Editor-in-Chief Patrick Hickey Jr. He faced off against Anthony Natoli as Chris Benoit. I had never seen a pretty much pro tournament wrestling match till then. Counters, chest blocks, etc.. It was really exciting and for one who never played in such a competitive match before, was really cool!

Faynberg earned a submission win with the Liontamer after a pair of Double Powerbomb specials from Chris Jericho.


The finals actually had a recent title, despite the tournament being retro. Who wants to be Curtis Axel, when you can be Curtis Angel? The finals with 5 Star Wrestling Re:Genesis consisted of parodies of well known wrestlers, a unique take on the game. It has a notoriously slow 3 count, and one part where weird physics made a kick out result in getting moved to outside of the ring for an 8 count that took forever to get into the game. As an example, as seen in the video, Curtis Angel is a parody of Kurt Angle.

Patrick Hickey Jr. and Eric Faynberg ended the tournament in a two-out-of-three falls match in the finals, as Curtis Angel and Hardee Vee, respectively.

Here’s a link from Patrick describing the game. Hickey was great, describing the ins of the journalism business and his career. Seemed like a great mentor to have if you worked with Review Fix.

If you want to keep in touch with the makers of Five Star Wrestling:

Here is their Facebook

Their official site


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