The 21st Anniversary: X-Men vs Street Fighter and Marvel vs Street Fighter on Sega Saturn

The 32-bit fighting crossovers, was one of the earliest most memorable video game crossovers.


It wasn’t like RoboCop vs Terminator, which was an adaptation.

It wasn’t like Super Smash Bros or Fighting Vipers, which was all Nintendo or SEGA stuff.


This was two very popular things at the time.

  • Marvel pre-2000s.
  • Capcom after the success of Street Fighter in the fighting circuits, after the great success post original Street Fighter.

Unknown to most people, or at least me, who skipped the SNES generation, Capcom had worked on a ton of great action games for Marvel. Implementing them into a Street Fighter crossover was another thing.


The Jim Lee art style during the time when the Phoenix Saga came out. Phoenix actually being in Marvel Vs Capcom 3 didn’t work.

Something just doesn’t work with Marvel vs Capcom in an era of HD graphics. They had to make them real realistic in an era of Uncharted and Mo Cap.

Could they do more surreal? Perhaps, but nothing.

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 just sorta suffers from sequelitis.

Marvel Vs Capcom 2, you added a 3rd character to your team. What about Marvel Vs Capcom 4? Nope.

Everyone knew Galactus was going to be used. What about with Capcom?

A Dr. Wily boss?

A Street Fighter 2010 boss?

Strider boss?

Nope, nothing really interesting.


And this was a blockbuster game. You gotta think bigger.

Mickey and Star Wars being in the next game really would’ve made a big difference.

Having DLC announcement like Smash did with all their new characters would’ve made a big difference.


Super moves.

The sound and music really went well with the techno feel of Jim Lee.

Infinite combos.

Hella cool.



Ninja Gaiden

Blaster Master

FF7+ summons

They were good unlocks of story that didn’t require DLC.

It was an interesting reward for a challenge.


Competition and brotherhood.

Really cool fighter that brought everyone together.





The arcade factor.

The arcade factor is pretty much why I want to buy Tank! Tank! Tank! on Wii U. Just cuz the Arcade game is so great, there’s a bit of synergy causing you to want to buy any port or any merchandise regarding playing the game.

It was big with the WIi.


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