Sega has sold over $350,000 worth of Mega Drive/Genesis games on Steam

“We’re really chuffed that the fans have got behind this update. 350,000 sales is a phenomenal achievement for content which is over 20 years old! It shows that there’s still a huge following out for the Sega Mega Drive and Genesis, reinvigorated by the fantastic community of modders out there uploading great content,” said James Schall, director of digital distribution for Sega of Europe.

Sega recently announced this news, after over Mega Drive and Genesis games were made available on April 28. Valve’s digital store features a Sega Mega Drive and Genesis Hub, where classics such as Streets of Rage, Alex Kidd, and Golden Axe among other games have been released, including roms for various Sonic the Hedgehog games can be bought,  Mod titles thanks to Steam Workshop support. This has resulted in weird and wonderful experiences such as the version of Streets of Rage 2 that replaces death cry sounds with Tim Allen’s grunt from Home Improvement.


Before, Haruki Satomi, chief executive of Sega Games, said on July 2015, Sega is now aiming to improve the quality of its new games in hopes to make itself a valuable brand to video game audiences again.

“I’ve been talking to employees about how [Sega] should start putting serious consideration into quality from this point on,” he said. “Particularly in North America and Europe, where it’s always been more of a focus on schedules … I believe that if we can’t maintain quality, it would be better to not release anything at all. Sega in the ’90s was known for its brand, but after that, we’ve lost trust, and we’re left with nothing but reputation … We’d like to win back the trust and become a brand once again.”

One of Sega’s biggest upcoming games is Persona 5, which is published by Atlus, a subsidiary of the company. The Persona 5 release date has been confirmed as September 15 in Japan. Gamespot also notes the coincidence of it’s JRPG competitor’s date.


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