Mighty No. 9 later May trailer has positives, but makes alienates anime fanbase

So, the trailer does a lot of stuff right. No one’s going to give a shit later, but let me try and stay objective.

They go through all the cool combat, gameplay, combo system, dashing mechanics.

Really cool right?’


Then the trailer ends by saying that Mighty No. 9 makes “anime fans cry on prom night,”


Then they make fun of a fat, yet for some odd reason, tall possibly Japanese character for liking too much stuff or having an opinion or something.


Square is such a friggin weird company.

FFV, VI Steam remakes were awful.

FFIX, great.

Saint’s Row is dumb.

They own the offensive, insensitive Dead Island series.


Why did anyone want them to team up with Deep Silver?


They were one step away from Mighty No. 9 makes “video game fans on prom night.” That was basically how close the commercial was to destroying their entire kickstarter and fanbase.


Does this cover the DBZ crowd? Naruto crowd? Gundam Wing crowd? Slam Dunk crowd? Madden crowd? Call of Duty crowd? Etc..

Like you’re supposed to do marketing right? So you figure you want want to appeal to the crowd this game is oriented to, not alienate them!


It’s not like there was no way to edit that part of the trailer out or anything. XD


Here’s Ecoolarg’s reaction to the situation.


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