The history of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles video games: Part 1: NES

BIG- big history in the video game genre.

The 80s animated series was a big pop culture event and games had to be synergized off of it.

The first game is notoriously awful, for jumps that are awful. They were early games that weren’t as refined as Super Mario or Mega Man.

TMNT II: The Arcade Game was much improved. Although not my favorite game, it’s definitely fun. A lot better than the first one.

The underrated Batman Returns NES I find better, as compared here:

TMNT III was a bit much of the same.

These games were also important because Konami had to spin off into a small company known as Ultra to make these games, since Nintendo’s agreements with companies only allowed 3 titles per company.



Innovating beat em ups and 8-bit NES games was really cool on the NES. What did you guys think about the franchise and series.


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