Happy 20th Anniversary Tomb Raider

It’s weird how Tomb Raider never met Uncharted level of prestige. I’m not going to point fingers at teenagers or bad marketing, but it is what it is.

I played the first one a long time ago, and I guess I just liked touring the mansion.

I saw CreativeEly’s girlfriend play Trilogy and it really did seem that close to Uncharted level, if the fans weren’t such jerks. The pendulum mechanics, tools, etc.. really made her on the level of Batman/Robin in terms of fighting. I guess there was always a bit of a Jane Bond era in the era of Perfect Dark.

The Temple of Osiris was a lot of fun. Despite the turn, for a realistic Lara Croft, Indiana Jones/Mario Party/Gauntlet Legends mix was a great idea.

Overall, fun series.


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