Warcraft, 2016 film review

The following was an article I wrote from my old company Examiner, which recently got shut down.

Warcraft was sorta very weird. I haven’t played a Blizzard game in a long time, mainly playing Starcraft, didn’t beat Diablo I or II,but playing bits of Warcraft III skipping World of Warcraft.

X-Men: Days of Future Past Colossus, Daniel Cudmore was right. The special effects were really good. How can the orcs be the bad guys, when they look so darn well animated? The character design is very good, outside of one odd looking female orc that had absolutely awful makeup. The humans meanwhile look very mediocre. The acting, or at least the British line delivery is really good to make up for the weak script.

The story isn’t up to par with Blizzard post-Starcraft though: No Chapter 1 plot twist here; no WOW going in depth with a story here. Humans are the good guys. Ugly orcs are the bad guys. The orcs are defanged so there’s really no reason they have to be the bad guys here compared to characters you can empathize with or hate: it sorta just has a mediocre result. The voice acting despite having a bigger budget and being CGI, fails in comparison to that of the games. The humans aren’t given enough make up or CGI to look Warcraft-y. The shots are really well crafted. Even good vs evil, your side vs my side Warcraft I and II seemed to have a little bit of energy to it. The character designs sorta told a very good story, or the game design explained the characters and their ranks and chain on the pyramid better.

However, don’t care what I think-Warcraft is now the most successful video game adaptation of all time, drawing $377 million worldwide with $200 million from China, a country where there was an unofficial possible mockbuster of the film released by the country as well. Warcraft beat Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, another video game adaptation in China which grossed$336 million, even though Warcraft has barely made it into the theatre!

However, it may not change much: Warcraft had the third largest 2nd week drop in history: the film only brought in $6.5 million, making it a 73% drop from the previous week, comparing it to video game adaptation, Doom (72.7%)

The film was directed by Duncan Jones, son of the recently deceased David Bowie.


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