X-Men vs Street Fighter fanfic: The unveiling of Mutants



The most powerful beings in the world.

The most disgusting creatures ever created.


Today, homo superior has been identified. There is a mutant gene in the world.

A leading professor of Mutant Studies, Professor Xavier is here to comment.

Mutants are a beautiful thing in nature. They have given me the ability to read minds.

Don’t you think this ability is too dangerous for other people?


What are your thoughts on Mutants Guile? Nash asks.

I think that in America, people should have the freedom to do whatever they want as long as they don’t harm anyone.


Ken comes by.

Where Ryu?

No idea.
You think Ryu has any care about this mutant issue?

Not a clue. He trains. He competes. He saves the world.


For years, we have been hiding.

Now we have been found out.


Magnus, you took off your helmet.

I come here to ask you for your help. Enter my mind.

Xavier goes through the tunnels of large nerve cells. He sees images of humans.

An army?


Magneto puts his helmet on.

I must inform the other X-Men.


Scott! Jean projects the Professor’s thoughts on the X-Men Commanders.

I think we should contact humans in the government about this.

Humans. How can we trust them? Storm asks.

Don’t talk like Magnus, Beast responds.


Vega and Marrow cage fight in Spain

Dudley, Balrog are seen in the background. Cody, Birdie seen


Where are you, Ryu? Ken asks to himself.

A silver samurai with a sword approaches him.

Ken and Silver Samurai face off.


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